Improving Your Child's Chances In School

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Improving Your Child's Chances In School

After our kids started going to school, I realized that some of our children were doing a lot better than others. Our youngest son seemed to really struggle with reading, and it was really discouraging to watch. To help him out, we started working with his teachers to understand his challenges in the classroom. It took a lot of work, but we were able to streamline his experience and help him to focus on his studies. This blog is all about working with your kids who might not be as good at school as others, so that you can improve their chances of success.

3 Childcare-Service Features That Are Absolutely Necessary When Caring for Autistic Children

It's difficult to provide the continuous care that children with autism need. With work and other chores and tasks on your mind, it's impossible for you to be able to care for your child around the clock. Fortunately for you, since 1 in 45 children between the ages of 3 through 17 have been diagnosed with some level of autism, more and more childcare services have emerged that deal specifically with children with autism. Read More 

Three Ways To Help Your Quiet Child Deal With The Social Aspects Of Preschool

Preschool is about more than learning the alphabet, numbers and colors. It's also about teaching children to succeed socially. They learn how to make friends and interact with others their own age. Some kids take to this quite readily, while other children, usually those who are more quiet and introverted, have a harder time making friends and learning to play with others. If your child is struggling to adapt to the social aspects of preschool, there are a few things you can do at home to help. Read More